Virnig U Blade - Build to Order

Virnig U Blade - Build to Order
Virnig U Blade - Build to Order
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Virnig U Blade - Build to Order


Inexpensive tool for transplanting trees. Can be used as a digging and trenching tool. Can be used to pick and dig rocks and quickly breakup hard soil.

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  • • Rigid frame for maximum durability.
  • • Open design to allow forward and backward digging.
  • • Recommended for loaders with operating capacities greater than 1,500 lbs.

Condition Report Key

5 = Limited use or recently replaced, free of visible wear or defects
4 = Performs within the tolerances expected for age and type of item
3 = Although performing, shows indication of needing repair or replacement
2 = Requires work to perform as expected.
1 = Needs immediate repair/replacement.

Virnig Manufacturing produces attachments for most brands of skid loaders, tractor loaders with universal mounts.
Our entire product-line offers a 1-year warranty.
Our goal in this industry is to become the best manufacturer of attachments that is possible. We plan to continually improve our product and to design and introduce several new products each year.

At Skid Loader Source we know the machinery and equipment our clients need to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently. When they're looking for the right tool or attachment for their busy crews, they come to us. We carry a full line of agricultural, construction, landscaping, and snow removal equipment for the working professional as well as the home owner that likes to take care of the big jobs around the house their self.

Our reputation for reliability is well known in the industry because of the comprehensive customer service that goes hand in hand in with all of our high performance machines and products. Whether you are looking for a simple mounting bracket, a new shaft, or a high output piece of equipment you'll always find what you need in our extensive product inventory.

We carry skid steer loaders for every job and for every size company in the business. From construction and demolition, to farming and landscaping, you'll find the unit you need as well as the hydraulic attachments and hoses to get the job done right.

Our line of products all of which are covered under our standard warranty policy for all new equipment we sell because we understand that our customers can only operate machinery and keep everyone working when the equipment is running.

When people in the construction industry are looking for Virnig products, they look no further than Skid Loader Source. We have the largest inventory of Virnig attachments. We'll make sure that that it keeps running so you can concentrate on the next job site.

Skid Loader Source is a skid steer loader attachments online store. We sell a variety of attachments including Bradco Magnum Mulcher, McMillen X1475 Planetary Auger Drive, Bradco Hydraulic Tilt Attachment, 72" Sweepster Hydraulic Angle Broom, FFC 76" Preparator, Harley 72" Hydraulic Angle Power Rake and more.

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